Saturday, November 9, 2013


Today we woke up very early to go hiking! We hiked Mt. Kennesaw, which was some of the most fun I've had! It was definitely a workout getting up there, but it was well worth the view! 

I'm happy we went, we hiked over four miles! I got lots of shots of the girls. We went hiking with my host family's old college roommates. There were two girls, Ava and Meredith, along with their parents Stephen and Lorie. Both were very nice and they allowed me to stay in their home with them, which I made sure to thank them for because they weren't planning in my coming until two weeks ago. 

It was really great to be able to see the cannons at the top of the mountain. I hadn't thought about it, but when Alexa asked, "how did those big heavy cannons get here?" I wondered. Mr. Brice told me it was probably animals, but that would still be a great feat!

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  1. Hello Gabby!
    Thanks for the pictures of your hike up Mt. Kennesaw. It is beautiful country...
    Hey, you kind of resemble your host family--they have ginger or blond hair!
    Is that your host mom?
    Are you feeling a part of the school community?
    How is Pinewood different from Maumee Valley?
    Any diversity there?
    Keep writing about each day!!
    Mrs. Koelsch