Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day One

I meant to post this on Sunday but it was in the drafts folder..

Today I left for Pinewood! I had a late night packing and an early morning driving to the airport. After getting the Charleston airport, my host family had balloons, flowers, and a sign welcoming me to South Carolina! It was a very warm welcome. Afterward, we went to eat some lunch. When I got to the house, they showed me my room and gave me birthday gifts! We had cookie cake and they gave me a necklace with South Carolina's flag on it and a gift card to a local store! This made me feel very welcomed and I think I am going have a lot of fun with my host family. I went on a bike ride with my host sister and father so they could show me the neighborhood. I really like Charlestown so far!! Tonight I am having some frozen yogurt with a girl from the school. I have no doubt she is helpful with school. I hope all goes well!

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