Sunday, November 17, 2013

Exploring and Shopping in Charleston!

Today, we spent our entire afternoon in Charleston! 

First, we went to the park and learned about the history of Charleston. Alexa and Mr. Brice were climbing on different canons and cannonballs. 

Mr. Brice and Alexa look like they're having a heart to heart..

I love my little host sissy! She was pretending to be a dog.

My host family.

Mrs. Brice told me to take a photo with a Citadel.

Mr. Brice tried on a cowboy hat and is looking very Southern!

We went to a shopping area where the slaves used to buy groceries for their masters and their families! It was so unique to think that a few hundred years ago, there were slaves here! I bought a few presents for my friends and family too!

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