Sunday, November 17, 2013

Letter From California

On Friday, I received a postcard from California featuring a painting of the bridge and the land surrounding it. On the other side, there was a note that stated: 

Pebblies, Pebblies, Pebblies!!! Love youuuuuu! Miss you! I'm sending you a hug from 2,800 miles and three time zones away. I'm sure you're having the time of your life in SC, but I have to admit that part of me will be glad when we're both back in Toledo. Give your host family a hug from me! P.S. Forgot to mention, I'm moving to Cali after I graduate and going to college at Berkley. Wanna come? 

...Now call me crazy, but I think that the letter might have been from Kassie. It truly made my day when I saw someone had sent me something in the mail! It was the best part of my day, since I had been missing Kassie a lot. This made me have a slight hatred for texting and iPhones and the ability to get in contact with someone instantly. The anxious feeling of waiting to know if someone received your letter, and the small feeling of Christmas inside when you're tearing the card open, but being careful not to ruin the return address because you may want to reply to them. This made me wish that we still commonly sent letters to people casually, not just for birthdays or some other special occasion. ALL I'm saying is that we need to send more letters.

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