Sunday, November 17, 2013

Middleton Place

Saturday was a very busy day for us! In the morning, Mrs. Brice took me to Middleton Rice Plantation in Summerville. The property was huge! I learned a lot of history on the tour. First, I learned that the plantation had been given as a dowry. I thought that this must have been a pretty good dowry! 


One of the first things I noticed inside the place were the gates. If you look closely, you can see a chain with a weight on it. When you opened the gate, you didn't have to worry about closing it because there was a closing mechanism. It was just a weight that closed the gate for you! I realize it's not really that's significant to the entire Middleton Place, but I thought that was really unique. 

This was a parasite that grew with the trees. I don't recall the name, but I thought it was beautiful and almost looked like a willow tree.
A view from what used to be the house of the river. It was so beautiful!
After some New Yorkers burned the main house down during the civil war, the roof and everything inside was practically in shambles. However, the walls were still intact. Then, there was an earthquake. This is all that was left of the main house.
Another photo of the beautiful estate
Some of these trees were probably over 300 years old!
My host mom was snapping shots too.
Taking photos with my host mom!

These two photos were of the sundial. Can you tell it was 11:59 when this was taken?

There were many gardens at Middleton Place. We could have spent hours just exploring them!

The cat at the stables!

I got to talk to a man about wood carving. I'm holding on to an old wheel that when spun would create the ability to make a perfectly round piece of wood!
For some reason, there was a peacock on the grounds. 
Some of the food that would have been prepared and eaten.
These men were making leather! What he's holding in the picture is a deer hide. 
The man at this station was making homemade molasses, which would require 8-10 hours of boiling. 

This horse was absolutely giant!
All in all, I'm very happy we went to Middleton Place. I got to learn a lot about the history of South Carolina.

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