Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Very Own Pinewood Schedule!

This morning during homeroom, Anna took me to the guidance counselors office. There, we signed up for different class I will take while I am here. Here is my schedule:

Hour one: Honors Algebra with Mrs. Perez. I really like math classes! I have this class with Anna. We are learning about matrices right now. We already learned this back home so it's just a big review right now. 

Hour two: Study Hall with Mr. Brice. Today, I just wrote my schedule, did my math homework and started a letter to my family back home.

After hour two, we have a fifteen minute break where we can eat snacks and hang out with friends in the cafeteria.

Hour three:  Spanish with Ms. Girgan. They performed skits today, so I just videotaped and laughed at them. Some were pretty funny!!

Hour Four: I have English this period. I might switch this class because they are focusing on a book I have not read and are already too far into it for me to start. Plus, the teacher isn't there right now either. She is out for the week because her mother passed away last Saturday. :(

Hour Five: I have Comparative Religion with the headmaster of the school. I'm a little nervous to start this class because all the other students are seniors. However, religion fascinates me and I would like to learn about other cultures and what they believe in.

After this, we have lunch. I usually pack my lunch, so that's what I've done so far here. I also don't eat meat so I like to pack lunch in case the school doesn't have anything that is vegetarian. 

Hour six: I have Mr. Klixbull, who will be teaching me guitar and piano. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Pinewood because I love music and have wanted to learn guitar for awhile now. I've started learning piano by myself for awhile now, so maybe he can help me with this too. 

Hour seven: Art. I talked to my teacher, who has a French name I can't remember. She seemed very excited to have me here, so that's a plus! She told me that right now we are working on different paintings. She seems to have a happy attitude, so I'm very excited to be in her class.
After this, many of the kids go home, but there is an optional eighth period where you can have an extra class. I'm doing chorus with Mr. Klixbull. He seems to be very funny! Right now, we are singing Star Spangled Banner, and a few other ones I can't remember. 

Mr. Klixbull is not only my teacher in two of my classes, but he also let me borrow a school french horn so I can practice! The horn is a single horn, which I'm not used to, but I can practice on it. Also, it needs a lot of maintenance. I have to fix it and unfreeze the valves. I'm scared to make it worse, so I called my horn tutor yesterday. She gave me some advice to get it to work again, so I'll try doing it tonight. I hope it works!!!

I'm going to surprise my parents and write them a letter. I've already started on it in my study hall! So far, I've just told them my schedule and about Anna. 

Last night, I watched Pocahontas with my host sister, Alexa, and we watched Dancing with the Stars. We snuggled and brushed our teeth together, then I tucked her in at nine. I was so tired that I fell asleep right after her!! Yesterday was very fun, but very tiring. 

I had follow Anna around to all of her classes. I'm used to lunch at 11 at Maumee Valley. Here we have lunch at 1. So I was hungry at 10:30. Plus, just meeting all the new people and saying the same thing over and over can be not physically, but mentally exhausting.  

So far my trip has gone well, and I have no doubt that the rest will too! 

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  1. Hello Gabby,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for being so complete and for
    sharing your reactions and insights. This approach makes for interesting reading.
    It will be helpful for you as you review your experience and see how your time
    here progresses!
    Your classes sound really engaging and I'm so glad you can participate in both art and music. Fix that french horn!!
    Can't wait to read more...great job.
    Mrs. Koelsch