Monday, November 11, 2013

Olympic Villiage

Sunday we went to where the 1996 Olympics were held, which was in Atlanta, Georgia. We saw before and after photos of the park, they were amazing! Before I leave, I will upload all my photos onto my blog from my camera at once. It will take less time this way. There was a very big fountain in particular. It was the Olympic Rings and they would occasionally shoot out water. Alexa and I ran around playing tag in them for over twenty minutes! 

After this, we went to a famous restaurant called The Varsity. Apparently, it's a big thing in Atlanta! They had mostly different kinds of hamburgers and hot dogs, so I just got a grilled cheese. My host dad, however, got a slaw dog, which is cole slaw on top of the hotdog. He said it was good! 

After this, we drove for about a hour and a half to Mr. Brice's parents! I only got to meet his mother, but she was very sweet and asked lots of questions about Ohio. Then, we got in the car and drove for another five hours. At this point, we were all very tired. I did my laundry and fell asleep immediately after! 

My first full weekend was very fun here, and I'm glad that I decided to go with my host family. I made quick friends with Mr. Brice's old roommate, Mr. Lance. He was very nice, which made my more relaxed to be in his home. The family was also very accommodating to my vegetarianism. I felt a little bad but they insisted that I shouldn't worry! 

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