Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pinewood Cheerleaders Are Going to States!

My day started with the usual algebra class. I had my first Comparative Religion course today with the headmaster. We discussed Islamic art and what it means. We researched an artist and shared what we knew about them. I learned about a women who was born in Pakistan and moved to the states. Her art all consists of lots of birds, deserts, and forests. It had a lot of symbolism. In one piece, there was a bird in a forest, which symbolized having so much freedom but being so lost. 

In guitar class, Mr. Klixbull paired me with a girl from Chile. She knows how to play guitar, but can't read notes. I know how to read music from playing french horn, but I can't play guitar. So I think he's hoping that we can teach each other how to do the other. It's very difficult because I can't even remember where I began with reading notes. It has been a challenge but I think since both of us are trying it will work out! 

Later we took Alex to dance after watching Tarzan together. I'm really enjoying being Alexa's "big sister". She's very sweet and it will be so hard to leave because even after three days, we are already practically attached at the hip outside school. She introduced my to some of her friends as her big sister which made me excited!!! 

We saw the cheerleaders practice their performance for states! It was over three minutes long!!! I'll try to put the video up later! They were doing so many flips and tumbling all over the place. It made me nervous! Afterward, I gave Anna a hug and told her she did so well! I'm really proud of her. I'm so blessed that she is my buddy because she has been so understanding with showing me her classes and everything.

Well, it's past Alexa's bedtime and I promised a bedtime story, so goodnight :)

The curious cat :) 


  1. Hi Gabby,
    Love your pictures! I think you are bonding with your family.
    I like that you tuck Alexa in at night with a story.
    Your classes sound engaging--I hope you and Chile share your skills with one another! I love that you are in the Comparative Religion class.
    The weekend is almost here...when is the play that you mentioned and the
    cheerleading/dance competition?
    Have fun,
    Mrs. K

    1. That you! I think I'm really becoming close with my host family, especially my host sister! Some people at school have invited me to go skating and see a movie, so I'm happy that I've made some friends!