Sunday, November 17, 2013

PowderPuff Football

On Thursday at school, I learned that there was a powderpuff football game. I'd been to a few at my old school, but we don't have any at Maumee Valley I think, so I figured I would go. After asking Mr. Brice for permission, I stayed after school to go to the game. 

However it was only 4 and the game started at 5:30. Hattie, Mrs. Girgan's daughter, said she hadn't been to the new frozen yogurt place, called Sweet Frog. So Hattie, Seth, and I all went together. Once we got there, we saw lots of other people from Pinewood. Most of the people I knew, but I few I didn't, so Hattie and Seth introduced me and we just ate ice cream together. 

Once we got back,  Seth showed me where the field was and I grabbed my jacket and went. However, my camera died when I got there, so I didn't get any good pictures! :( 

The way they played was the freshmen first played the juniors, the freshmen lost. Then the sophomores played the seniors. Everyone could tell that the seniors tied their belts so they couldn't be taken off. This made the sophomores angry, but the coaches didn't say much. After the seniors "beat" the sophomores, the juniors and seniors played each other, which the seniors won again. Then the faculty played seniors. The faculty and seniors were tied! 6 to 6! I was surprised that they didn't do overtime or sudden death. Oh well.

Once Mr. Brice picked me up and took me home, I called Kassie in California and talked about our day, and talked to my mom since it was her birthday! Near bed time, I braided Alexa's hair, then fell asleep. 

It was a really great day :) 

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