Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Staying in Charleston and Summerville was a life changing experience for me. First of all, I stayed in a stranger's home for three weeks. This was a scary thought at first, both for my family and me. However, things were easy after the first few days. 

I know I became more independent from this trip. Every morning, I got myself up and made my own lunch. I got ready separately from my host family each morning. I also thought through problems on my own more. My mom told me that she's noticed I don't seem as attached to my home anymore, and that I get everything done on my own. I think she's partially happy that she doesn't have to help me with many things anymore, but at the same time I think she's upset too. Her little baby is growing up! 

With school, this experience made me appreciate Maumee Valley so much more. I loved Pinewood, but the classes didn't challenge me nearly as much as MV does. Also, I noticed more cliques in my host school. There were many more rules there. I'm grateful that MV goes on the trust system so much more. A few times in my first days, I would get up and go to the restroom without asking, like here, but the teachers informed me that I should ask. 

Having a younger sister was a new and strange experience too. She was so excited to be around me all the time and would ask me to tell her stories and play with her a lot. Since I'm the youngest child in my family, I had to think about what is and isn't appropriate to discuss with or around a 9 year old. Throughout the trip, she asked me about some topics that I didn't know how her parents would want me to explain. She asked me about drugs and alcohol once because she heard someone talking about it. Since I didn't know what to say, I told her we could all talk about it when her mother got home. I didn't want to expose her to something that her parents didn't want to expose.

The culture was a little different too. People spoke a little differently and some people said that Midwestern people had accents too. They had more chicken places I noticed, and everyone loved grits. I hate them. I dislike the texture. There were many less vegetarians too. There were more conservative people in the south and some people made fun of northerns, saying. They thought we all did drugs. 

All in all, I loved it. I made so many friends there and want to go back in future. This trip made me mature more and my mom said she sees me more as a 'woman' than ever, which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing. I really miss my friends though. I'm glad I went to South Carolina. 

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