Tuesday, November 19, 2013

¡Señora Girgan es muy simpática!

On Monday, I got my algebra test back, and learned that I did pretty well! That made me happy because now when I come home, I'll already know some of what we are learning!

In Spanish class, Mrs. Girgan gave me one of the extra powder puff shirts and said she wished I could have played. It was very kind of her and I will treasure that shirt forever! I was thinking of what I could do that would make it more memorable and I thought of asking all my friends here to sign their name on the back! It would make the shirt mean that much more to me! I'll have to dig around in my bag to see if I brought any sharpies or fabric markers...


When I got home, I made dinner for my host family! I told Mr. and Mrs. Brice that I would make my family's eggplant pizza recipe. It's pretty much peeling and cutting an eggplant, and making it the crust of a pizza. I was worried that it wouldn't turn out how it does at home, but I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out well. However, it tasted like there was a spice missing that we use at home, but I couldn't remember what it was. 

Alexa lost a tooth! It had started to get loose when I first got here, but it finally came out last night! Then, she put it in a big plastic bag. While I was cooking, I thought it was an empty bag and threw it away. Later, Alexa wondered where it was and thankfully we didnt throw it away! I felt terrible abut it!

Before bedtime, I braided Alexa's hair into two pigtail-like braids, and tried teaching her mom. It went pretty well, and this morning she decided to keep the braids in for school! Here is what they looked like:

I will upload them tonight from the computer!

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