Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Speech Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I will be making a speech with a girl named Madison about Network of Complementary Schools! I'm very nervous because I'll have to go up in from of the entire upper school and I don't know some of them. I don't think I'll mess up TOO bad tomorrow though..

Today, Mrs. Girgan told me I can have a Pinewood Panthers t-shirt before I leave! I'll have to go pick it out tomorrow.

After choir today, Mr. Brice had meeting so I played on my iPad with Alexa. We were trying out different music apps and trying to play different songs.

After dinner, Mr. Brice had a church meeting so Mrs. Brice, Alexa, and I all played clue together. I had played before but not recently so they had to teach me how to play all over again! I won the first game, and Mrs. Brice won the second.

Today was a pretty good day, but I got upset when some people back home accused me of not wanting to come back. It was very hard to explain to them, especially if they'd never been in the same situation before. I DO miss home. I miss my dog, my family, and the laughs and good times with my friends. However, I know that I will never see some of these people ever again. Even if I come back to Pinewood next year, or even this spring, some students won't be here. My friends who are also exchange students from Chile are leaving the same day I am. I won't be able to come back to Pinewood and see them again. I'll probably never go to Chile to see them. What about my new friends who are seniors? If I come back next year, they will have graduated and moved on with their life, probably going to college or off on their own adventures.

I'm not afraid of never seeing Pinewood again, I'm afraid that all my pleasant memories will be left here. There is no time like now, and seeing three weeks go by so fast really makes me understand the saying "time flies when you're having fun."

Leaving will be bittersweet.

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