Monday, November 25, 2013


On Wednesday, I gave a speech to the entire school at Pinewood! It made me a little nervous standing in front of everyone, people I didn't know, but I think I did really well. Madison, the girl I spoke with, introduced the network and told everyone that I was from it. 

After that, I introduced myself to the school, telling them I was from the network. I told them I was from Toledo and that networking is a great option to all the students. Here's a general outline of my speech:

"If you do the Network of Complementary Schools Program, you will make so many lifelong friends and memories. It will be hard to leave, but hopefully some of my friends I've made will be able to come to Toledo. I go to a school called Maumee Valley in Northwest Ohio. I'm here for a Winterim program where we don't have traditional schooling for the month of November. Instead, we spend the time learning about things we usually wouldn't get the opportunity to. For example, three of my friends went to Africa to study the native tribes there. They live with them for three weeks, almost like what I'm doing here. I hope you consider the Network, and if any of you are interested, I strongly encourage you to speak to Mrs. Girgan about it."

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